Kim Golding to deliver training in Australia and New Zealand, 2016

Brisbane May 2013

In October and November Kim will be travelling to Australia and New Zealand to carry out a range of training for Compass Seminars.


Her training events in Australia will take place at venues in Brisbane, Townsville, and the Gold Coast. More information can be found on the Compass Seminars Australia website, most of the events are full although there are waiting lists. Events are below:

Dyadic Developmental Practice – Australia training overview

24 – 27 October: Brisbane – DDP Level One

14 – 17 November: Townsville – DDP Level One

21 – 24 November: Brisbane – DDP Level One

New Zealand

She will also visit Auckland and Christchurch and this will be the first time DDP Level One training will be delivered in New Zealand. These events are through Compass Seminars New Zealand, they’re sold out but there are waiting lists.

17- 20 October 2016: Christchurch – DDP Level One

7 – 10 November 2016: Auckland – DDP Level One

Dan Hughes will be following up with DDP Level Two training June 2017 in Auckland.

Dan previously delivered DDP Core training in Australia in 2014, this will be the first time Kim has provided DDP Level One training in the Antipodes.

Previously, in 2014 Kim joined Compass Seminars to provide very successful events on ‘Nurturing Attachments: Helping Insecurely Attached Children’. She also presented a workshop with Dan at the Unique International Trauma Conference in Melbourne.


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