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Kim-Training-D-02-16-MP-1395Kim and her Associates provide a range of trainings using a variety of means; lectures, seminars, workshops and storytelling. These are designed for both parents and practitioners.

Here you can view a range of training plans which provide an idea of the types of trainings that Kim can offer. She is also happy to adapt these to your specific needs.

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Kim-Golding-group-NICEConsultation is a collaborative process which draws the best of the expertise of both consultant and consultee.

Kim regularly consults to a number of organizations, teams and individuals. Our combined expertise will increase our understanding and help us find ways forward.

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Kim provides team and individual supervision based at her home in Malvern, Worcestershire and by video conferencing.

This includes general DDP supervision; supporting practitioners through the DDP Practicum and advice and guidance for those working with families of children looked after or adopted from care.

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Kim S Golding Ltd. works with a number of associates who are able to offer assessment and therapeutic interventions, with a specialism in the provision of DDP-informed therapies.

Kim also provides supervision to therapists, individuals and teams delivering therapy.

Because of travelling commitments Kim is limited in her capacity to offer therapeutic interventions directly to children, young people or their families.

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