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Programmes, Trainings and Workshops

We offer a wide range of programmes, trainings and workshops. These are based on Kim’s extensive experience of providing support and therapeutic interventions for families of children and young people in care and adopted from care.

Kim has limited capacity for presenting at conferences and providing seminars as her priority is the provision of DDP training. This means that she is generally booked up at least a year in advance. Kim is happy to receive requests, with this forward planning in mind.

Kim-TrainingDDP Training

Kim is a certified DDP (Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy and Practice) Trainer.

She can provide Introductory, Level One, Level Two and refresher DDP Trainings.

Kim-Golding-TrainingDDP informed Parenting Programmes

Kim has written two programmes to support parents and carers of children with attachment and relational trauma difficulties. These are Foundations for Attachment and Nurturing Attachments.

Kim can provide Train the Trainers programmes for these, and can support those delivering these group work programmes.


General training

These are focused on understanding relational trauma and difficult attachment experience. This understanding informs the impact on children and young people and their development and therapeutic needs. It additionally informs the therapeutic and support needs of those parenting the children and young people.

It was completely inspiring and provided both consolidation for staff as well as extending understanding in such a meaningful and insightful way.

The benefits of the training will be significant and I am so delighted that staff all had the first hand opportunity to experience training with you directly. I’ve already had so many comments of how valuable the training was and how inspiring you are…

Julie Wynne, The Beacon, Worcester