Providing specialist psychological support to foster carers

A consultation model


The task of fostering today is a complex one and foster carers need good quality support. This paper discusses a consultation service for foster carers.

It draws upon our qualitative experiences to explore the important themes that have emerged during the provision of the consultation service.

Foster carers are highly satisfied with the consultation service, which provides them with improved levels of access to psychological advice, a different understanding of the children, and continuing support if required.

The reasons for this satisfaction, together with some of the difficulties we have experienced, are explored. Experimental research is needed to investigate the complex relationship between consultation, support, confidence and understanding for foster carers and to consider the long-term effects of consultation for the carer and the child.

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Date: 2004

Journal: Child & Adolescent Mental Health

Volume: 9

Issue: 2

Page(s): 71-76

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