Developing group-based parent training for foster and adoptive parents


Parent training interventions are among the best-researched strategies to improve the adjustment of children within their families.

In 2006, group-based parent training interventions were further promoted by the publication of guidance from the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) and the revised edition of Drawing on the Evidence (British Psychological Society, 2006). This guidance endorses parent training based on Social Learning Theory as an intervention to help children with conduct disorder.

It provides helpful advice on the process of parent training that might also be applicable to training for foster and adoptive parents. Kim Golding explores the development of parent training for helping parents and carers of children living in foster care and adoptive homes. The difficulties that some of these children display are complex and enduring.

Parent training programmes, as part of a package of care, may be a helpful intervention for children demonstrating challenging behaviours within the context of neurodevelopmental difficulties and poor early attachment experience.


Date: 2007

Journal: Adoption & Fostering

Volume: 31

Issue: 3

Page(s): 39-48

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